Message + Narrative Creation

Let’s start with the story: what are we selling, and to whom are we selling it? Brownstone PR helps craft the narrative, and create Influencer Strategies that inform whom we target, how we get to them, and what we are saying once we get there.

Media + Public Relations

Media results are tangible, and we deliver. But, it’s not just about racking up the number of clips, we create opportunities for the RIGHT media impressions and relationships, that get you in front of audiences that matter, position your leadership as industry experts, and, most importantly, further the mission and goals of your company, contributing to the bottom line.

Social Media Strategy + Implementation

Brownstone PR integrates client marketing and messaging efforts into a strategic social media strategy that promotes the company’s narrative and story of importance. Our efforts monitor and track competitor data and assess ROI across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora and company/organization blogs and e-newsletters.

Community Relations + Engagement

Brownstone PR helps organizations and corporations build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of a community. We work to influence communities to engage with campaigns, understand the benefits, and act on the message.

Content Creation

Whether communicating with employees and board members, or telling your story to consumers, Brownstone PR provides thought-provoking messaging strategies (Byline Articles, OpEds, internal and external newsletters, etc), catered to the specific audience.

Digital Media + Marketing

We transform traditional marketing principles and adapt them to fit the speed, connectivity and instant response format of today’s digital world. It’s not business as usual, and if you’re not on the brink of advancement, then you’re missing growth opportunities. Let Brownstone PR help you navigate current technological trends, along with how and when to apply them to your business.