Arts + Culture

Brownstone PR works with arts and cultural organizations focused on increasing the public’s awareness of artistic gems, institutions, and movements. We speak to two audiences: the consumers of art and the financial supporters of art; and we create communications strategies that increase public awareness and engagement, active participation, and individual and corporate giving via media relations, social and digital media efforts, strategic partnership development, and influencer marketing.

Economic Development

Brownstone PR works with organizations and agencies that are dedicated to the economic development of their regions, and the continued growth of the individuals and communities that they serve. Our firm has been tasked with overhauling communications efforts of CDCs and creating brand narratives that speak to their impact and reach, along with working with business agencies to create communication strategies that increase funding, strategic partnerships and membership.


To stay competitive, educational institutions rely on Brownstone PR to provide consistent public awareness and key positioning to attract students, quality staff and administrators and funders. We help clients reach and engage influencers, decision makers and stakeholders, resulting in meaningful relationships and continued pathways to success. We’ve done our homework and listened closely to perfect our syllabus for success.

Health + Healthcare

Connectedness is at the heart of our culture, and certainly how we market. Healthcare has never been more complex…or more filled with possibility, and most healthcare organizations and institutions are struggling to cut through the clutter and connect with their audience.  Creatively-driven, media-savvy and digital at our core, Brownstone PR creates and delivers breakthrough communications for the change agents in healthcare in order to engage, educate and empower communities.

Hospitality + Tourism

Positioning global leaders is what we do. So it comes as no surprise that our strategic communications counsel is utilized by major cities, such as Philadelphia, and by world-famous visitor bureaus, international travel agencies, hotel chains and the like. We understand that the power lies with the consumer; and work with hospitality and tourism leaders to create strategies that influence buying decisions, and encourage return visits.


In an industry where disruption is not only encouraged but required, it is not enough to be relevant for today's news. The true game changers are those companies already writing tomorrow's headlines. For these technology organizations, Brownstone PR cuts through the fluff and focuses on results: ensuring high usage of your service or product by the intended audience, and positioning your organization as a leader in its respective space.


Your primary touch point cannot be when your customers receive their bill. Brand perception matters. Personalized approaches and opportunities to educate and engage are what customers – young and old – are now expecting. Who are you, and how are you positively impacting the places where your customers live, work and play? Brownstone PR works with utilities to communicate these key messages.